Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What is Personality

Whenever a question is asked - "What is Personality"

The most common answers you get are:-

1) Dressing Style - How must you Dress up for a particular occasion !!

2) How to Eat - How to hold the Knife and Fork !!

3) How to Impress opposite sex

4) How to Smile, How to Laugh,

and So On ................. The List can be Endless..............................

But these are only Etiquette's - Which are only Superficial and External. The only purpose they serve is - "Show Off", Just like Clothing

Then, what exactly is Personality?? -

Personality is something Intrinsic - that makes you strong, Internally Strong. So that you can face any Challenge in Life - So that you can Succeed in Life.

There are many factors which help you in facing Challenges and Winning them over. But the Two most Important ones are:-

1) Communication Skills, and

2) Self Confidence.

If one can work on these two parameters - one can surely be on the path to develop his Own Personality - Be on the Path to Success - and most important - Be the most Welcome person in Society, Business, Family and Friends Circle.